My dream is to one day become a neonatal nurse. I delivered my daughter 3 months early at 24 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. She was born with a 3% chance of survival in Danville PA. We spent almost 100 days by her side learning all the ins and outs about her medicines, machines, and so much about premature babies! I'd love so help another family and give another family the comfort I had while watching my baby fight for her life.

Kingston, Pennsylvania


My dream is for my parents to be proud of me, for them to see me be happy and successful in anything and everything I do!

Taylor, Pennsylvania


I want to create my own ethically manufactured makeup and skincare line and create a lasting brand.

Woodbridge, Virginia


My dream is to become a beauty influencer on YouTube. 

Forty Fort, Pennsylvania


My dream is to be successful enough to give back to my parents who have supported me through everything and given me the world!

Edwardsville, Pennsylvania


To go on a medical mission trip to assist in craniofacial surgeries as a speech-language pathologist, as well as to be happy and healthy with a happy and healthy family.

Swoyersville, Pennsylvania


My dream is to travel the world and raise a family.

Swoyersville, Pennsylvania


Her dream is to flip houses, being a successful loved woman with my happy kids!

Plymouth, Pennsylvania


My dream is to move out of PA, teach middle school or high school and impact children’s lives through my teaching and coaching.

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


My dream is to become a psychologist and potentially open my own business where I would have other psychologists work under me.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


To find love and happiness in life.

Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania


My dream is not a personal one. I hope that someday we can all come together and learn from one another. All people from different walks of life. Less hate. More love. We are all the same inside but tame very different demons as we walk our own paths. As for myself, I'm living my dream. I am in love with my first love and have beautiful healthy children, my own home, and I give back every day as a nurse. I am very blessed. I am happy to be able to share that not every day is a bed of roses, but somehow we persevere and carry on. Life is only going to give you one chance so why not do what you want but be kind along the way! You never know what someone else is going through.

Larksville, Pennsylvania


I want to become a social worker because I want to help others with their struggles in life. My dream is to live in many different places in the world to make an impact on so many people’s lives.

Bronx, New York


My dream is to become an Occupational Therapist to help others reach their goals and full potential. I want to be able to help put a smile back on others faces and help them live out their lives participating in occupations that are meaningful to them. I dream to one day open my own practice.

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


My dream is to help change the lives of those I come in contact with through pharmacy.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania


My dream is for peace in the world!

Plymouth, Pennsylvania


My dream is to work for a major fashion magazine such as Teen Vogue or Seventeen as a fashion writer/editor.

Middlesex County, New Jersey


My dream is to eat at every Cracker Barrel in America.

Forty Fort, Pennsylvania


To move to NYC and do something that will help others in need, and dogwalk because who doesn’t love dogs!?

Forty Fort, Pennsylvania


To live happily while being able to support the ones who mean the most to me as well as pursue a career in law.

Queens, New York


My dream... well... I'd have to say that I would start my dream by finishing my degree. I would love the chance to become a teacher so that I can inspire students to be excited about learning. To be able to give students the encouragement to better themselves and their futures would definitely be a dream come true. Although I it would also be nice to end that dream married with children... oh and why not throw in the white picket fence.

Kingston, Pennsylvania


My dream is to finish my Master’s this fall and get accepted in an Ivy League Ph.D. program!

Edwardsville, Pennsylvania