Markus Lupfer Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

"I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be light and frolicsome. I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing, as I thought I had wings" Mary Oliver 


Markus Lupfer's AW18 collection is a celebration of clash and contrast, of colour and texture: it pays homage to a girl who adores the eclectic but wears it with elegance. She specializes in that effortless mix: a ruffle-edged lace blouse paired with faux-fur; a flower-encrusted belt; a sliver of sequin under a thick-knit scarf. Her wardrobe bursts with treasures: each piece beloved, hand-crafted, unique.


Lupfer's iconic jumpers are re-tuned and reimagined: fawns, foxes, and owls are brought to life in sequins hand threaded one by one. Heavier knits in Scottish lambswool add a new sculptural element, patched with faux fur - toffee brown on chestnut, sage on army green - that ripples down the front of a sweater vest or across the cuffs of a utilitarian crew, sometimes clashing, sometimes matching. Hand-painted prints bring depth; a high shine floral jacquard made in the UK adds a textural dimension to this season's newest silhouette, the trouser suit.


The Markus Lupfer girl breaks the rules. Texture and colour are built up, piled on: she wraps herself in luxury and fantasy. Deconstructed dresses and sharp tailoring are lavishly gilded with sequins and layered underneath sprawling check scarves the size of blankets. Crystal earrings trail past collarbones; western fringing curves between shoulder-blades on shirts and swings from the hips of skirts. Flowers are embroidered over lace dresses and bloom across devore skirts; a woodland print is worn against lumberjack checks.


Her style might look effortless, but there's a fashion formula: part luxurious fantasy, part pared-back reality - and just a dash of Lupfer sparkle.


Press Release by Markus Lupfer