Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Lorenzo Serafini began this collection by considering a period in which the United States was at the peak of its self-assurance, dynamism and power - the edge of the the 1970’s and the opening years of the 1980’s.


“I love the exuberant vivaciousness of American style at this time. And it seems so relevant to 2018/2019 to try and capture some the moment’s finest characteristics. Delicacy and strength, powerful romanticism, wholesome glamour - there were no contradictions, only confidence”, says Lorenzo Serafini.

With Margaux Hemingway as his muse-in-chief, Serafini’s lens blends Park Avenue with the prairies. His eye travels from Aspen to Wichita, from New Mexico to New York. The style is democratic: denim stands alongside tulle, leather with lace, taffeta with tailoring.  It’s All American - the best of then for now.



Fringed linesman shearling over a textured knit union suit, with ruffle-collared shirting and a narrow leather belt. Gray flannel pants under lace collared cable-knit cashmere. Soft power shoulders in prairie dresses in silk chiffon plus tailoring in wool cashmere. A black velvet tracksuit over buckle-fastened, Ribbon tied, embroidered polka dot tulle top with lace fringing. A spaghetti strapped velvet bodiced black puff skirt. Double breasted all in one tuxedo suits in slick lacquered satin or dark wool flannel. Tulip skirts in rose-printed blue velvet or lacquered satin. Frothy-collared shirts over steel toed, stacked heel boots. Faux fur chubbies. Boiled cashmere pants under soft wool top coats. A pink on blue argyle silk chiffon maxidress and a yellow rose-print lace-edged minidress. Philosophy’s shoe of the season is the Axl, a mid-heel bootee heaped with hand-tooled metalwork and turquoise detailing realized in collaboration with the Swedish designer Emelie Törling for Leontine.


Press Release by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini