A Day at New York Fashion Week

Updated: Dec 16, 2017

In New York, fashion week might just be a dream for most fashion goers who want a piece of the newest trends, parties, shows, and more. But for some, it’s a whole different story. Between rushing from show to show, scheduling an Uber pickup, checking emails for confirmations, sending RSVPs, switching from street-wear to runway clothes, and more. By the end of the day, you already have worked a crazy world wind of hours and knowing you have to do it all over again tomorrow is just as exciting.

Before your day gets going, it's usually straight to the basics. What to wear. Often depending on the season, you pack for the season. For the ladies, you’re either ready to pull out your favorite skirts, overcoats, dresses, a pair of jeans, tops and match what you like with a couple of your favorite heels, shoes, and a bag. For men, usually keeping it clean and straightforward with a dress shirt, pants, tie, and pair of dress shoes or sneakers.

After that’s all done, it’s on to breakfast which usually happens in an Uber on your way to your 8 am. Maybe it’s a bagel or a croissant, perhaps it's an old fashion English breakfast, or maybe it’s a rush to Dunkin with the disposable change you have kept in your back pocket. Whatever it may be I can assure you that a short or early breakfast is on everyone’s to-do list.

For people in the fashion industry, some days are longer than other days. It may include going from show to show, events in-between, business meetings, and lastly attending parties at the end of the night. All fun and games right? Don’t forget photos are usually edited and submitted within taken of runway shows and the article write-ups every day by your favorite fashion news outlets and bloggers.

My days consist of getting told what not to do, yelled at by PR team members while arguing back, being where I’m not supposed to be and being told to leave, not getting into fashion shows, showing up late, being crowded by photographers, and even breaking the rules through security. Is it all just fun and games right? Sometimes. While other times consist of gathering a new clientele of familiar faces, being invited to major offices for meetings, sitting front row and going backstage seeing first looks, and ending the day with parties for shows and invite only.

Some days are harder than others and everyone’s day is different, but you'll always end up seeing someone around no matter where you are. If you ever attend Fashion Week in New York a few things to know; people are friendly, but have boundaries. If you’re like me and you’re following your dreams, then I advise you to become extremely smart in what you want to do and break every rule you can.

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