Amber Renae

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Recently I had a great conversation through Skype with Amber Renae from Sydney, Australia. Life in Sydney is great. According to Amber; coffee is a great way to start the mornings off right. It's a great place on New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks, a walk through Kings Cross is always fun, free health care, and much more. But besides all the fun that happens down in Sydney, Fashion Week happens twice a year. Amber Renae, a fashion stylist, and designer gave me a little insight into her life and what she does in the fashion industry.

She covers Fashion Week every season going behind the scenes as a fashion editor at Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine and also through her fashion blog. But her fashion career didn’t start this way; she worked hard for it. When she was younger, she used to build roads as a civil engineer, something that once interested her. As Amber got older, she then started to get the idea to make shirts, dress people, and chase a dream with nothing but hard work.

It eventually became a reality. Amber became a stylist and ended up dressing everyone, even Paris Hilton. She now spends her time in Sydney enjoying life as an editor and blogger. When she’s not working, she loves to spend her time at Bondi Beach with some relaxing time for herself either surfing, skating, or enjoying sports. Before I ended our interview, I asked Amber what her dream was.

Amber’s vision is to have a makeover show in both Australia and the United States. She also wants to educate and help women with the fundamentals of dressing. I thought it was absorbing, she wants women to look at not always what's trending, but what styles fit them best.

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