Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018

  • Pairs, France

This season was all about change and unity, and where we saw it, we saw the beauty behind it. Demna Gvasalia is the creative director at Balenciaga and the head designer at Vetements. Since taking over Balenciaga two years ago, his artistic interest has shown from triple sole shoes, dad style, Bernie Sanders tributes, Ikea bags, social progression, and more. But this shouldn’t surprise you since Gvasalia has been breaking boundaries throughout his career at Vetements.

This season for fall/winter 2018, not only featured a closer look with men and women but it was the first time men and women have walked together in uniform. The show was not only aesthetically put together and gripping but, Gvasalia wanted to send a message that was more than just fashion and art. The show catered to skin-tight garments which gradually made its way to oversize coats. Gvasalia also used high- tech 3D scanned models of molds and then traditional fabrics added to his designs.

Balenciaga also wanted to shine a light this season on essential issues such as global hunger, the fall/winter 2018 fashion runway show included the words WFP shown and printed on their clothes. WFP which stands for World Food Programme, which is the leading humanitarian organization that is changing and saving lives all over the world for those in need and Balenciaga has partnered with the company to support their mission of ending world hunger by 2030.

World Food Programme assists over 80 million people and 80 countries such as Yemen, Bangladesh, Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Central African Republic, The Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kasai Region).

“In emergencies, WFP is often first on the scene, providing food assistance to the victims of war, civil conflict, and natural disasters. WFP also works closely with people affected by hunger to improve their access to nutritious food throughout the year and build resilience so they can focus on their futures.” -

Balenciaga has donated 250,000 to the company to make a difference outside of fashion. They also want to draw their customers to be involved with WFP. From August 25, 2018, to February 1, 2019, when you purchase a World Food Programme product from Balenciaga, in-store or online 10 percent of each sale price or every WFP product and 10 percent of the suggested retail price buy goes to the company. World Food Programme is a voluntary company that receives donations from all over from people of all sorts. For more information head to