Changes at New York City Fashion Week

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Fashion Week in New York has had a tough time trying to find a home. For the past few seasons since 2010, New York City Fashion Week has been hanging out at Lincoln Center, but in December of 2014, the Supreme Court of the State of New York ruled that Lincoln Center could no longer station as Fashion Week’s main venue due to public issues and problems surrounding the site. Along with the venue issue, Mercedes-Benz has also dropped out of Fashion Week.

In 2015, Fashion Week had a whole new look. The shows used to be split into two new primary locations - one in Midtown at Skylight at Moynihan and another in Soho at Skylight Clarkson Square. Taken over by WME | IMG New York Fashion Week is now sponsored by Lexus and is being called, New York City Lexus Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week: The Shows.

That all came to an end as of in late 2017, as both Skylight locations were no longer a part of New York Fashion Week. Fashion Week is full of changes, and it’s due to designers not wanting to pay any money for having their show displayed at the selected primary locations being given out and would rather pay to have their appearance off-site.

With New York Fashion Week on a budget, it’s apparently showing and changing. The reason for this current reality is due to consumer behavior. People want everything sooner than waiting for a six month period to see them in either a magazine or in retail stores to buy them. And with shows in the past and even current, the primarily selected venues become limited to what designers can do inside.

Designers today want to be the best they can be. Everything is in real time, and everything is being shared, liked, tweeted, or posted instantly, and designers are realizing this and changing the way we view their shows to keep up by creating over the top moments. So stepping away from the first selection of venues off-site and killer locations is what makes them successful. To add to this all, some designers are stepping away from New York Fashion Week and showing their shows away from the city and even out of the US.

With many designers putting off money issues and celebrating their shows off-site, it gives you secondary thoughts of what the future holds for New York Fashion Week.

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