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Updated: Dec 16, 2017

Growing up with one older sister and with two younger twin siblings, I always had the disadvantage as the middle child. My older sister got away with everything, while my younger sister never got told no, and my younger brother got everything. As for me, I didn’t have much luck in the family out of the three, good or bad. “Okay,” I complained and went right back to cleaning up as I was told by my parents many times after a mess my siblings and I both consumed but always seemed that I was the honest one who would stick around who put things away while the others would seldom help or sneak away before bedtime.

While it wasn’t the most fun, it turned out to become a routine for me. I would never have imagined that this taught me the most to be the person I am today. I’m not just speaking of putting things away and cleaning things up, but more so everyday life and there was nothing wrong with this feeling. Watching my parents make our beds, I started to make mine. Bringing the dishes to the dishwasher and sink, I started to do the same. Being polite, asking if anyone needs help, and doing things on my own without blaming others.

I’m not saying my siblings didn’t ask to help and clean things up as well, but I was without a doubt the black sheep of the family, and still am. Besides hearing both of my parents, being on my own has taught me more about myself and ways to behave around others. I act differently from my other siblings who kept my parent's traits, but unlike me, I didn’t follow any.

I’m not saying I turned out to be super classy or more mature, but have different views and morals. I stayed away, did my own thing, spoke my mind and lived my personal life by my rules, not there’s. Being classy doesn’t mean things are off limits, it just means things are more “tailor-made” as well as it says a lot about your character and how you behave in certain situations, for both men and women. Derek Blasberg, living in New York is one of fashions best writers and has written a few books on the topic that are very notable - “Classy” and “Very Classy.”

His books explain the real truth to know what you’re dealing with and how to act in certain situations. Blasberg, demonstrates a lot of positives for young women and what they may be going through from dating and looking for love, meeting guys, packing a suitcase, receiving party invites and throwing a party, driving behind the wheel under the influence, facing temptations, having reputation (rumors), lady vs. tramp, table manners, and more. Derek Blasberg and I met at Michael Kors, he is a very cool guy, and I suggest you ladies, and gentleman find his books. No matter where you learn how to act or behave whether it’s from your parents, friends, a book, or even on your own, you’ll eventually need to know etiquette rules.

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