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Updated: Dec 16, 2017

Bon Voyage is the best way to explain her day with an iPhone since everything around her seems to be conversational and whimsical. Browsing through the streets of the city not only does she find something to do but she can always find beauty on every street corner. Susan, a New York editor, has a broad interest in the beauty around the city that goes unnoticed that she shares daily. Not only that, Susan has had (and continues) a significant impact in the fashion industry.

Susan Kaufman, the former Editor in Chief of People StyleWatch Magazine, was editor of the magazine from November 2006 through February of 2015 and during her time with the publication Susan was named Editor of the Year by “Advertising Age in the Magazine A-List.” While being the head editor, you always have to check out who's doing what and making sure everything flows together. A significant part of Susan’s job required her to be responsible for overseeing everything that would be published in each monthly issue.

You never want to sell a magazine with the wrong content or something that will send the wrong vibe. Susan’s job requires her to keep in charge of the layout design, networking with others at industry events, making sure that all the artwork, designs, photographs, word counts, font style, and spreadsheets, are all aligned together and much more. Susan and I have become close over the years through New York Fashion Week and has always kept in touch throughout the year on things like fashion and business.

Besides fashion and business, Susan has a particular interest in collected designs of buildings, windows, and doors and all romantic homes. The spread of the ins and outs of designs of homes are very engaging that make you smile, daydream, and at times have a place where you plan to spend either a short period or the rest of your life. I live in a fantasy world whenever I see something slightly charming and artistic like asymmetry design or a beautiful Hampton cottage. I can usually always tell you a story of what that specific home would look like in my fantasy world. Either way, all homes and doors, and windows have beauty when you stop and stare, and as for Susan, she seems to be in love with all of them.


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