I Once Attempted Suicide.

Updated: Dec 16, 2017

Hey, my name is Dave, and this is my story. A few years ago I started a fashion blog and fell in love with the idea of transforming the work from my computer, onto the online world. The more I was doing my blog, the more strategic with it I was becoming. Every day I was becoming a working machine – taking photos, writing, doing editorials, interviews, and more on repeat.

I found a way where I can turn my blog into a unique business platform where the premise is a New York Fashion Publication. I now attend shows in New York, work with a clientele of Hollywood industry leaders and editors, attend interviews and meetings, and more. This all happened quick and fast. Some people think I have an amazingly fun life. It has its moments, but I won’t argue the other statement made as well.

But what they don’t know is that while in school and when I was little, I suffered from depression from the things that were said to me and at times felt mentally abused and hurt. I became very depressed, and my way to cope with it was playing hockey or staying at home, I didn’t hang out much, didn’t try dating, didn’t talk much, and mostly stayed to myself. I eventually attempted suicide.

I’m not here to gain attention, just a voice. Bullying or anything can be harmful to someone; it does stay with them, abuses them - mentally and physically. It isn't fresh or funny. It’s not a joke and not okay. So stop. Doing my blog has been something I fell in love with. It has helped me find myself, come out of my comfort zone, and interact with everyone I meet along the way. It turned me around. I have become a much better person. I now see things differently. I know who I am, what my worth is, and what I want in my life emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

If you’re sad and feel unimportant, think twice because you try to take your life. It isn't worth it. Find what you love and go with it and grow with it. It's this message I want to share. Today I have more respect for myself and a good head on my shoulders. At times it feels like I fight a monster in my head every here and there and other times I may not even appear to be who I am due to my thoughts. But every day, I stay close to what makes me happy and go with it. You don’t know someone till you talk to them.

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