It's An Advertising Commercial

Updated: May 22, 2018

If you ever look at a Nike commercial, you’ll notice that they don’t use the idea of selling their products to you. They don’t shove the opinion of how great their shoes are or how breathable their shirts are. Instead, they create an experience through real people in their commercials using real-life situations that are either facing struggles of self-esteem at the gym or even two soccer teams playing against each other on a field, and all of a sudden professional athletes start to join play. By using real people, it creates something different, something comfort and something new and for a feel about how their products are used instead of selling you an idea of how great their products are.

Fashion designers do the same for their fashion shows to sell their upcoming collection with their form of art without using any words to create a social experience. Depending who the designer is their focus area will be structured differently. For some, it’s all about the look from the design of the runway, the backboard, a dollhouse, a bunch of roses hanging above the catwalk, or even a zombie looking scene. While for others it may be a unique location like under the Eiffel Tower, a beach pier, a football field, or even a grocery store. Whatever the case may be it’s meant to work to get your attention to sell you their new collection for the upcoming season.

With a season full of surprises and shows taking place all over the city, the different venue choices give the designer an advantage to display their commercial runway show. Just like Nike, it’s become an advertising commercial to broadcast their clothes to the industry and publications to create an experience for you to share what you see on social platforms everywhere. With the current way, we view the industry, and with how many platforms there are to cover it, it’s going to just keep getting faster and technologically creative. But however, long it takes, designers, know that their artistic taste for their collection is what the industry will look forward to the most.

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