"It takes one individual at a time to create more peace" w/ Che'Nelle

Updated: Dec 16, 2017

It wouldn’t make sense to be in a city so big and not meet other people of different cultural backgrounds and aspirations. Not only are there people seeking love within but spreading love throughout. It was a cold winter’s night during Fall/Winter 2015 New York Fashion Week and the models just finished, and I was patiently waiting for the final walk. After the models finished up and the designer waved hello swiftly after, I grabbed my things and paced around the runway floor before making my way backstage where I met Che’Nelle.

I met Che’Nelle multiple times this season, all accidentally which led us to talk more about one another. I learned a lot about who she is as a person, and not just that, but what she wanted to do in life but how she wanted to make the world a better place. Che’Nelle who’s an artist out from Asia who is making a difference chasing her dream while at the same time changing the culture scene out in Asia. We spoke briefly, and she shared her story with me.

“My dream I have to say consists of so many elements. In music, I have been blessed to have a successful career in Japan, and my growth has been soaring throughout the years. I've learned that what would continue to keep me feeling fulfilled is for the music that I create to go worldwide. It's not often that an artist who is Asian and from Asia has their music broken into the international market. The belief of that being impossible is slowly disappearing because more and more artists like Gangnam and Far East movement are changing the music scene and proving that belief to be a lie.

Watching that change keeps me excited and being a female Asian singer in the market, I would like to inspire people of all cultures in the world to feel and know that all things are possible even when society tries to limit our possibilities. So I don't know how to get to what I see in my mind, but I have enough faith that God will lead me that way as long as I stay consistent and never give up on what I love doing!

World peace sounds like a fiction novel sometimes, however, it has not stopped me from dreaming about it. It takes one individual at a time to create more peace, it starts with us and too often us humans spend too much time judging and blaming everything and everyone for the not so good things that happen in this world. I don't have control over the people making bombs and starting wars and leaving children to starve however I do have control over what I have to say and share with the world through music. I may not change the world the way I'd like, but the things that I can do allows me to make that difference even if it may be small.

If every single human in this world makes a difference in their own way to spread more love peace and positivity. Then whoa!!! I'm sure you could imagine what that would be like. If you see it, you can achieve it. Dreaming is not just about sitting there and envisioning it. It's a combination of seeing it in your mind, believing it and taking action towards it.”

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