Opportunity Meets Opportunity

About a year ago, David asked me to tell my day dream and featured me on his blog, Mahipal SoCal. Now, one year later, I have decided to write again. I first just want to say how much David inspires me. Everything David does, he gives his all. This campaign he has created is incredible and has really had a huge impact on me personally. Keep being awesome David!

I was honestly very nervous to write again. Not because of the change and growth of audience, but because writing about my dreams the second time around would force me to look at what I wrote the first time— it would force me to really stand face to face with everything I’ve ever told myself I would accomplish, and that can be a very scary thing. It was almost like looking back at a time capsule. A lot can happen in a year, and it certainly had. Things change. But had they changed for the better?

This is a topic I’ve struggled with internally for a good portion of my life honestly. Truthfully, because I have held onto this one dream for so long, I was always afraid that if I strayed away from it for even just a little bit, the dream would become lost and slowly fade away. In the last article I wrote, I talked about how I came to the life changing realization that you are allowed to have more than one life long goal, and sometimes different goals carry the same underlying dream.

I’ve always been a performer, and in my senior year of high school I made the decision to carry that with me and make it my career. Life had another plan for me though. I damaged my vocal chords during that final year before beginning the rest of my life. Just a few months short of beginning the journey of carrying out my dream and it was pulled out from under me. I went to community college and although it was difficult seeing all my friends in NYC following their hearts, I new that I was doing everything I could back home to follow mine. Eventually, community college lead me to where I am today and I can absolutely say that I have never been happier.

As you can imagine, as a vocalist I have always had a deep connection to music and sound. I was able to pick apart the different instruments and harmonies in a song and sing them. I became easily obsessed with the way the notes fit into each other and began to only sing harmonies along to my favorite songs— so much so that at one point my mother literally thought I was singing "out of tune" on purpose because she could not hear them like I could.

Performing was my first goal. Music became my second. In may, I graduated from Luzerne County Community College with a degree in Music Recording Technology. Two different goals, one common dream. I once attended a workshop at the New York Film Academy and Rob Gorrie was hosting it. He asked us what some of our biggest goals were as actors. People would say, “I want to star in a film with *insert big name actor/actress here*.” Every one that raised their hand focused on who they wanted to meet and what they wanted their career to bring them. I raised my hand and said, “I just want to make people feel.” To evoke emotion and create change through art. That is my dream. And I can just as easily do that with the skill set that I have been given as an audio engineer. I can create, mix, produce, and edit music for film, tv, or theatre. I can Manage a band. I can become a foley artist. Currently, I work at a live sound and production company based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania and I love it.

I can now see that I am on the right path, but it hasn’t always been that clear. When I first lost my ability to sing, I became very discouraged and stopped performing all together. After I had my realization it opened new doors for me, and even though I have found new ways to channel my creative energy, I continue to chase the very first passion I’ve ever had. I now perform in straight plays and, in fact, have started working with an experimental theatre company based out of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. And now I’d like to talk about a little thing called opportunity.

Opportunity meets opportunity meets opportunity. I get so inspired every time I think about where I was a year ago vs. where I am now— not because I’m super successful or have my whole life figured out because that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is because my eyes have been open to the incredible phenomenon that is opportunity. Once you allow yourself to be open to all of life’s possibilities, crazy things start to happen. Everything that you do in life will lead you to your next opportunity, even if you can’t see it right away. So I mentioned earlier that I work for a live sound and production company and do experimental theatre right? The really cool thing is that I would have never been able to be involved in one without the other. When I first started college I was discouraged and bitter. I could not wrap my head around the fact that this was where I ended up. It was never supposed to be like that, I had big dreams. Well that very college lead me to see a new career path. I got an internship, they hired me, and I began working at the company I work for now. My boss and I have a very close relationship and I told him about this audition that I was thinking of going to. I told him I probably wasn’t going to go because I had been sick and I haven’t performed in awhile and wouldn't have time for it anyway… the list goes on. My boss was the one that encouraged me to audition for B&R Productions’ debut show, “Speak Of Me In Whispers.” Now, I can proudly say that I am one of the founding members of the company and get to work with some of the most profoundly talented actors, writers, and directors in the area.

While I was in the show, I met some incredible people and made some lifelong friends. I also had an opportunity come out of it that I was never even looking for. Opportunity meets opportunity meets opportunity. I now run my own business with LimeLight by Alcone, a professional makeup and skincare company that aims to “empower people to achieve their goals and dreams and inspire others to do the same.” That line is so incredibly true. I have only been with the company a little over a month and cannot believe the impact it has already had on my life. I can now be my own boss, make money on my own time, and do so while continuing to follow my dream of inspiring others through art. I never in a million years would have thought that I could make my career and my day dream one in the same. This is where I get chills, okay. If I never damaged my vocal chords, I never would have went to community college. If I never went to community college, I never would have landed the internship with the company I now work for. If I never worked for such a supportive company, I never would have auditioned for “SOMIW.” If I never auditioned for “SOMIW,” I never would have met the people I know now nor would I ever have thought to even pursue the idea of owning my own business.

Who would have thought that the most traumatic event of my life would end up playing a monumental role in allowing me to live out my dreams on a daily basis? Don’t confine yourself to the rigid ideologies of your own mind. Allow yourself to be open to all of life’s possibilities and crazy things will happen.

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