Pop Your Cherry

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Pop Your Cherry, is perhaps a function that you can use if you feel it’s necessary for your career to grow. Not for fun. Pop Your Cherry isn’t a guide for you to cause trouble or sneak into everything. If you’re not on the list, you aren’t on the list for a reason. But following the rules isn’t always fun, so try with caution. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t piss people off. And don’t get a bad name for yourself. As some have told me, if you feel you are worth it, then go all in.

The first time I was tied up and popped my cherry, it was the best feeling ever. It took a while for it to happen but when it did, I felt so relieved and relaxed. The truth is, the first time is always the hardest and popping that cherry may not be what you thought it would be, but sometimes you just have to do it.

I left a party downtown in New York and headed over to another in Midtown. I knew the second party I wasn’t on the list, but it was on the list everybody was talking about, and everyone was going to be there. I knew I had to get inside, but if I tried the casual way of waiting in line, it wouldn’t work. I realized I had to lose the nerves and pop my cherry for the first time and sneak into a party at Fashion Week.

The most prominent lesson here is too not look nervous after you’ve mentioned your name, who you work with, and why you’re there. So here’s what to do. Get there before the line forms and be sure to stay while the line is forming so you know the location and length of the line – this will help you determine the duration of the line movement as well as loopholes. Look for a check in lady or man, see if there is space between that person and the front door of the party or look to see if there is space between the same person and the next security line. If so, that’s all you need – walk to the following line because they have already all been checked in.

I usually end up walking the outside of the entire venue first, scoping out how tight security is, what their roles are, where the PR team is located and how far apart the front door is from the line. If you don’t want to wait in line, do this - ask someone who is in line for an email of the PR team, look up the current manager and mention their name at the door. Another thing you can do if you don’t want to wait in line, asks where the credential trailer is located and head over and ask for your credentials even if you don’t have any.

If you have a friend inside, ask if your editor can come outside to grab you for a plus one. Another thing you can do, some parties will hand you tags and wristbands when you check in, so you are notated that you are on the list. Wait by the exit doors and ask a party-goer who is on their way home if you can snatch their tag or wristband if they say yes, you can walk right in.

Dress the part; black colors are your safe bet. Don’t overdress. If you’re not on the list and you’re overdressing, no one will let you in. Don’t bring too many bags with you. The less you can carry with you, the better chance you’ll get in. Thanks to the help of a few others. I have learned that New York City is exceptionally superficial and playing a particular look and having a specific aroma to you, is what it takes to get behind these party walls.