The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Updated: Dec 16, 2017

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I don’t know much about the show or the event, but for all the women around the world that wear their lingerie and their sleepwear, they know all too well what they’re up to the right before the Christmas holiday season. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is a fashion show for the brand Victoria’s Secret that is performed yearly to showcase their new sexy items, an interesting phenomenon that has affected the way we look at sexy. But in all honesty, behind the glam, the strength, the sexiness, and the women, what does it take to score tickets to the show or even walk?

Whether it’s through a PR team, a well-known client, model, designer, editor, or even an actress you are bound to get a good ticket to the show and enjoy the musical performance. Besides sitting in the show, you have to wonder what these models go through to keep the shape, walk, stay healthy, and be able to perform well and remain as icons throughout the year. Most of these models walk other fashion shows throughout the year, some pursue endorsements, while some may even do print and advertisements.

An important reason these models are Victoria Secret’s best is they stay in shape and stay healthy (according to VS), but they do it on their own. Besides modeling these girls have their own personal and enjoyable lives to live, so doing things for themselves is just as fun as doing it for a contract spot. A show like this takes time to put together. Through all the lighting and the special effects, the girls and the runway spotlights, the designers and their idea of flashy wings and accessories, and even the central important part, the casting calls and auditions. Seeing this show take shape is what all Victoria Secret lovers adore. Spotting a seat at this show in either row A, B, or C would be pretty rad, don’t you think?