The Breakfast Club

Share you story. Share your idea. Connect With Others.

Share, post, and connect with others. We created a user-friendly page that allows you to come to the site, where your voice is heard, and come back for more
Share a  story about yourself. It can be a goal, a dream, something personal, or you can let your voice be heard about things you feel strongly about. Whatever it is about, share with us and connect with others.

1. Click the tab above reads Popular Reads". You'll end up seeing the article section.

2. Hover over the tab the reads "Login/Sign up". Login or Sign Up through your Facebook or Google or create an account to become a member.


3. Once you finish that and are logged in, you will have access to The Breakfast Club. 


4. Hover over "Create Post" - figure out what you would like to write and then, add your title, your story, and if you'd like to an add photo (s) or a video (s).


5. When you figure that all out and are all done, scroll to the bottom of your post. Before you hit publish, click "Choose Categories" pick "The Breakfast Club" and then publish.