Vionnet Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

She is a mermaid. She reigns in her underwater kingdom. She is beautiful, she is curious, she is desperately attracted by the human world. It’s a painful enchantment. Her metamorphosis happens, but she is uncertain, she is disoriented, a bit lost. She runs back to her natural environment. She is home, she is slowly accepting herself. And then, when everything looks quite and calm, that tension gathering so strong in her deeper core explodes. But this time, finally loving herself, she is ready to become that splendid creature she always wanted to be.    


Inspired by the metamorphosis of a mermaid, Vionnet creative director Goga Ashkenazi wanted to celebrate that rich complexity which makes women so special. Strong but also fragile, determined but sometimes scared, everyday they challenge themselves to meet their own expectations. They work hard to find the better version of themselves.


This positive tension translates into a collection juxtaposing contrasting elements to find a powerful balance.


In keeping with the theme, but also with Vionnet’s attention to sustainability, draped, flowing gowns, sometimes embellished with utilitarian zippers, are crafted from the plastic of recycled bottles.


At the same time, creatures of the underwater world are rendered in precious jacquards or printed on organza for a tunic frock with ample sleeves matched with coordinated leggings, the armor of the Vionnet creature.


The 3D texture of a fish scale pattern contrasts with the delicate appeal of the smocking stitches punctuating a range of pieces, from elegant separates to fluid robe coats.


Digitalized two-tone polka dots jazz up a maxi dress enriched with draped knots, while maxi gowns, revealing Vionnet’s most authentic sophistication, are worked in a delicate point d'esprit tulle.


Combat boots printed in some of the collection’s signature patterns enhance the attitude of this audacious, brave woman. In constant evolution.



Press Release by Vionnet