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October 12, 2019


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"...and if you’re doing a Break the internet

Hi Dreamers! My name Is David and I started this project called "Follow Your Dreams" on my college dorm room floor.  I decided to follow my dreams to work in the fashion industry. Not knowing where it would take me, a few years later, I  wanted to share my message with others. By holding a sign and writing “Follow Ur Dreams” on it, taking a photo with it, and then sharing it on my website, so everyone can see. Since then, I took the sign with me wherever I went and would always stop and ask strangers what their stories and dreams were. The more people I talked too, the more I began to see is,

no matter our background or the community in which we grew up in, we all have a dream, an idea, and something we want to share and be proud of. The idea seemed to get along with everyone. Hearing everyone’s story became inspiring and charming. No matter where I'm at, I'll be sure to ask you what your dream is. I want to be able to reach everyone, but I know that won't happened. So if I haven't got to you, or even if I already have, I want you to be able to share your dream with everyone that comes this way.


Click the link above for more instructions on how to share your story and dream for all dreamers that come to Mahipal SoCal.

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I would always talk about hockey, the trades, the playoffs, and even pretend I was GM for a day whenever the season was over. I even made a PowerPoint presentation and was able to show former Penguin player, David Koci my work. It was my everyday life, and I was positive it would become my career. With all I learned, I wanted to coach pro hockey, but I wasn’t sure how to go about that. By the time I had to make a decision for what my plans were going to be after high school I really wasn’t sure. My second interest was real-estate. Real-estate was easy, and I wanted to sell houses or flip houses in California. I didn’t feel that would be a move I would be making right away, so I thought long and hard of what else I liked. And realized, I also liked to dress nice. In high school, I always was into style and trying different things. Buying clothes and looking at pretty photos out of magazines and advertisements. That sparked my interest in fashion.

Fashion was an unusual local hobby. Growing up in an area known more their pizza, Church Bazaars, The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, dodging potholes, The Office, a popular supermarket called Gerrity’s, slang words like “heyna”, The University of Scranton, funny ways to call Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Bar, and more. Fashion was not on the local radar. As I grew up liking hockey and the way things work, the business, and how people tick and do certain things; this led me to grow interested in the business and lifestyle side of the industry instead of the core focus of the clothes in fashion.



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