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About Mahipal SoCal

Mahipal SoCal is a fashion publication that targets the educational market of fashion where current publications do not. We support fashion brands that showcase during fashion week and are on the fashion calendar with craftmanship and innovation. By doing this, we create a fashion community for the fashion industry. We contribute directly to your brand by building you an individual page, offering space for your collection, stories, and potential buyers. This is something, that is currently not being touched on in current fashion media. We have already built pages for 100 brands. If you are a fashion brand and would like more information to be considered for an account on Mahipal SoCal in 2024 or 2025, kindly email us with your brand information, about me info, fashion collections, and city you showcase your collections in. If you are a fashion brand that is outside the fashion calendar in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia please email us if you are interested in having a shop section and press on Mahipal SoCal. 

Born in India and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, David Kester is the editor for Mahipal SoCal. He first started it as a fashion blog in 2012 and titled it as Mahipal. The goal was to build a portfolio with the hopes of landing a job in fashion in New York or Los Angeles. It wasn't until later that year Mahipal SoCal became the full name. After his first year running his blog, he ended up at New York Fashion Week working along side someone from Project Runway. During New York Fashion Week,  he attended shows from Sally LaPointe, Noon by Noor, Zimmermann, Mara Hoffman, Rag & Bone, BCBG, Monique Lhuillier, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Milly, and more. After a couple of years he gained recognition for his fashion writing and began to work with industry leaders from different fashion magazines. It didn't take long for Mahipal SoCal to turn into a fashion publication, with the premise of supporting fashion brands and viewed as another fashion outlet. For over the last 10 years, David has studied and learned business, branding, website design, and much more with the hopes of bringing the fashion industry, the next fashion publication Mahipal SoCal. 

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