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Fashion magazines are becoming less about fashion more about everything else. Once seen as forward thinking, but over the years they have gone to who's dating who, to what the next Tik Tok trend is, this celebrity "dropped" a Tweet so let's talk about, let's post this story 50 times, how to recreate (Hailey Bieber's) make up, talking about the same celebrities, becoming very political, and even what color shirt this person wore today (on Instagram). Fashion journalism is just not what it used to be.

This effects fashion brands more than you may think because fashion brands do not get the stories or press they deserve during and after the fashion season because, instead you are too busy reading what XY magazine has to say about, "An iconic moment", "They are still thinking about", or "About a dress that looks like a thong."

Here at Mahipal SoCal we offer space for your fashion brand after your show, presentation, or when your collection comes out. This is where you can send your current collection and have it displayed by allowing us to showcase your brand in a space that headlines your name. This way we are able too add value to your brand and continue to support the fashion industry, once how it used to be.



Every media outlet has a way of expressing content from its own point of view.  However, the past couple years that statement has fallen apart. Now, every media outlet continuously sounds the same with no point of view and no brand differentiation. We do not change our narrative to fit the generation by writing breaking news or to get the first like or story out there like everyone else.

Our goal is to build back strong relationships with fashion brands in the fashion industry through our unique brand identity which allows us to create effective campaigns and pages. Visual pieces is what viewers want to see. By creating online sections and editorial pages, we are dedicated to helping fashion brands reach their goals and objectives. With everything we create, we do so by telling a story. People want a story with a beginning, middle, and end, not facts and figures. That is what keeps our brand different. Each story is written with you in mind. We also plan on doing pieces with runway models, editors, leaders, and more.



Our community section is built into two, a section for fashion brands and a section for members to join. For fashion brands, we are building individual pages for you which allows you to be part of a online fashion community with hundreds of other brands through your shows, presentations, images, and videos and more, all on Mahipal SoCal.

For members, we are in the process of building a design that allows anyone to join our site by creating a members account. This will be for anyone. You can design your own page, upload your images, like, follow, comment, get updates and notifications on fashion shows and collections and more. You also will be able to shop and buy clothes off of our website.



Our Follow Your Dreams project become popular as soon as it launched in 2012. It's where this all begun. Along the way of building Mahipal SoCal and following our dream we wanted to ask strangers what their stories and dreams were too. As a member, you will be now be able to post your own story and dream on our website and then have it directly displayed. This way you can can be a part of our project too.

Unlike current fashion publications, Mahipal SoCal has more free of use since we are not owned by a publishing firm. We can create and expand our site without any restrictions. Mahipal SoCal has a lot more updates and plans for you and your brand, so be sure to join our site and stay connected for Mahipal SoCal' next and final website launch in 2024.

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