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Follow Your Dreams

When I started Mahipal SoCal in 2012, the goal was to build this platform as a fashion blog as a way to land a job in the fashion industry in NY or LA. The more I worked on my blog, I came up with a project called Follow Your Dreams. I wanted to ask others what their stories and dreams were along the way of me following my dream. View the collection to see who I met so far.

Meet Nancy of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania her dream is to be cured of cancer.

Meet Brandyn of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania his dream is to have people say that he was an impact on their lives in a positive way. He plans to travel this summer and meet new people in new places. “I have nothing but love to give but none for myself. When I die I want people to show up to my funeral and say they miss me. I want to help people, help them be happy, even if only for a little. So my dream is to bring happiness to those who can’t find it like me..”

Meet Anne Marie of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania her dream is to be a wife someday.

Meet Eva of New York, New York and the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram her dream is for happy, sleeping children 🙂.

Meet Lizzy of Plymouth, Pennsylvania her dream is to become a veterinarian and to help homeless people find places to live.

Meet Tommy of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania his dream is to have his basement remodeled, buy a house in Florida, and buy every cute thing in the world.

Meet Ralph of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania his dream is to tell an interesting story.

Meet Rea of Portsmouth, United Kingdom her dream is to one day open a dog rescue center.

Meet Slade of Anchorage, Alaska his dream is to inspire the world through story telling.

Meet my mommy, her dream is for all her kids to be happy and successful.

Meet Catherine of Atlanta, Georgia her dream is to be the world’s first 5’2 super model, to work in fashion, and to die in a movie film.

Meet Christina of Jersey City, New Jersey her dream is to have a happy happy happy happy happy life.

Meet Becca of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania her dream to make her dreams come true. "I’m all or nothing. I have millions of dreams, so many I want to accomplish them and so much I want to be to others as myself. So I’m going to say my dreams is to make my dreams come true. That’s all I could ever hope for. But I know it will take a lot of work and I’m damn willing to do my best! I won’t settle unless I make them happen."

Meet Bernie of Plymouth, Pennsylvania his dream is to become a NASCAR Driver.

Meet Brock of Hanover, Pennsylvania his dream is to work for NFL Films.

Meet Hailey of Austin, Texas her dream is to have fun all the time and to help others know that their lives are important.

Meet Jeffrey of Long Beach, New York his dream when asked "Fashion was and is my continuing dream. I'm finally sitting with the cool kids."

Meet Gustavo of Delran, New Jersey his dream is to inspire people to come out of their inner shell and to not be afraid of being themselves.

Meet Joe of Manhattan, New York his dream when asked "It's funny. I used to think of dreams or b-day wishes as things (personal or professional, usually the latter) to ACCOMPLISH. Get a certain job or achieve a certain milestone. But now I think of it in terms of time spent with friends. There never seems to be enough, and avoiding all the obstacles that keep us from getting together with friends never seems to get easier. (At least not for me.) So that's my dream - to learn how to do that better, and spend more time with those I care about. Cuz life's too short, right?, no matter how long you live."

Meet Kelly of Camillus, New York her dream is for everybody to have equal rights.

Meet Leroy of Queens, New York his dream is to open up a church.

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